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Southern Ladies, Reprise

Pulling in to teh Ranch yesterday on the way home from both work and Voting, I paused for a couple reasons. One of them involved a stupid goat who stuck her head through the fence to browse on something and couldn't get back through because of her horns. This is her second strike, meaning the next time she does this, she'll wait in the fence for me to come back with a 60cm stretch of Schedule 40 PVC tube and some duct tape. That will provide a headdress which prevents stupid goat heads from fitting through the fence. The other reason I stopped (only helped that Stupid Goat was close to this), and this leads to doing a reprise on this post, is that I saw Miss Peggy's sign had changed.

Readers will recall that Miss Peggy, an exemplar of a Southern Lady, objected to someone taking something off her property (that so you might not need to follow that link, and re-read the previous post). Now, in that post I'd left out specific candidate names, partly because it didn't seem the more important part of the story, partly because it was pre-election and I wasn't about to be part of casting particular aspersions. Truly, nor did Miss Peggy.

Political sign vandalism is not something new this go-round, I'm sure.

Day before the election, Miss Peggy got home from work (she drives a school bus for County, here) to find a note, anonymous, along with a sign at her gate. I am going to mention candidate names in this part of the story, because now it becomes an important part of the overall tale. The sign on the gate was an Obama/Biden sign. The note said (not an exact quote):

I'm sorry your sign was taken. I don't think that's right. I'm a McCain supporter, and I want you to know not all McCain supporters are thieves. That's why I got you a new sign.

So Miss Peggy put up her new sign in place, and changed the one she'd made to replace the old on, on both sides of it inbound and outbound on our road a single word.


And, night before the election somebody came along and stole the Obama/Biden sign. Again. By mid-day on election day, Miss Peggy found another sign and anonymous note on her gate.

I'm getting downright pissed at whoever is taking your sign. Here, I got you another one. McCain Supporter.

It was that new one I spotted coming in.

Herself tells me, though, that this isn't the be-all and end of it. Out at the end of our road, where it intersects with County Highway, someone put up on the electric pole across the road two more signs. I didn't read them on the way out though I did see them, large white pieces of poster-board. Couldn't read the writing in headlights because, well, headlights don't aim that high.

Sign #1: Why do you think McCain Supporters stole your sign.
Sign #2: Maybe the goats ate it.

Sign #2 is an injustice perpetrated on goats. No, goats will not eat 'anything'. Yes, goats will taste anything, but they do not particularly care to eat plastic, which is what those signs are made of nowadays.

Besides, I think Houdini had something to say on this too. Or maybe it was Smudge.
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