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The childhood home meme.

Snagged from lolleeroberts found via starcat_jewel

Go to and click on "Get Directions"
Enter the address of your childhood home or the name of the town if you can't remember the address. Then enter the address of where you live now.

Post the number of miles and driving time between the two.

Me? Well, I'm still, so far, glad to say that Mapquest doesn't really know where I live; using the burg close by, though, it says: Total Est. Time: 17 hours, 52 minutes Total Est. Distance: 1087.48 miles

The mileage is not too far off, given it's from the burg that hosts my 911 grid address... but the time is way under. I guess Mapquest doesn't take road construction and weather into account.

Haven't driven there in 10 years. Haven't been there in 9 years. Haven't been near there in 8 years. Don't want to go back.
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