madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

What Happened During the Planned (as opposed to Un-Planned)

Teeth all clean. Still need two crowns, those teeth didn't magically get all better. Didn't break either, which is possible. Continue being careful chewing until sufficient funds accumulate in Flex Check account to make the co-pay.

Rounds with Houdini, who really, really enjoyed it.

Watched a very interesting program on OvationTV, a SkyTV channel, on photography. The channel covers arts in various media. They are running a series of episodes on photography, and I've set up several more to be recorded so we can watch at our leisure. This specific one (and there is a 2) is comprised of six 'interviews' with photographers, including footage of them while they are working. So commentary on their work by others, self-commentary, and examples of their work. Of the six featured, all but one most probably started their careers working on film, at least two still are, and one is of an age that she's only ever worked digital.

Five of them, I'm quite interested in their work, three of them I've seen a lot of their work (one because he's frequently featured in National Geographic). One didn't spark strong interest. She does good work, it didn't spark any desire to explore process/ideas/technique though. Well, other than she pretty obviously is working medium format, which is my preferred film medium.

Tanked up the Herd of 6 BottleKids with Herself when she got home from an S.C.A. meeting. Most assuredly wanted to do this above and beyond the usual of taking good care of livestock, because knew that last night would be cold.

Which it is. This morning at 06:00, leaving teh House on teh Ranch, Sydney SubaruOutbacks convenient exterior temp thermometer indicated the local temps to be -4 C/ 25 F. Oh, yes, all my readers, it does get cold in North Central Baja Jorja. Water does freeze here.
Tags: life the universe and everything, ranch, weather

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