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What Did You Do In the Great LJ Downtime?

As many others commented, I did notice the absence of LJ on Saturday.

However, there proved plenty to keep me occupied. Studio 318 renovations are under weigh. I'm still looking through on-hand PVC plumbing supplies for a cap to the water line, but it's a slow trickle right now. Friday, plywood flooring delivery promplty covered by a tarp to protect against the rain. Saturday, finish clearing out the kitchen area, and marking the wall where the floor joists are. This I know because of previous renovation work (you'd think I'd learn, neh?). Also yesterday, clearing out the studio area to be able to store the plywood indoors.

Kept the tarp on the ply through this morning, when we hauled the wood into the building. Now to let it adjust to local indoor conditions for a day before beginning to cut it and put it down. This step is probably way more significant with "dimensional" lumber than with ply, but it is damp from having been transported through rain. A day adjusting to interior humidity levels will help.

Since it needed to be moved out of the way, I was forced to finish up one modeling stand. That's done. And I even made a run into the grocery store for dog food. Mama Munch greatly enjoyed the ride.

Tomorrow (we've a three-day weekend from Hospital, thank you) start cutting ply and putting it down.

Now... Dinner!

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