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Off of work early yesterday, Boss came into the office around 13:00 (an Early Warning about this did get an alert...) to see if we were done with our work for the day. According to Boss, the answer proved Yes across the board. So, we packed up and left.

Traffic heading out of town was heavy up to the Interstate Highway. Most of the 'heavy' involved the fact that a lot of people used to using the left-most lane (opposite side of the road for my Brit Manner of Driving Friends, left turns are the far turns rather than right turns) to boogie along quickly until almost to the Interstate, then changing over to continue through... those folks were caught, and easing out of that lane because the Heading South crowd backed traffic up nearly a mile and a half. All those students from University heading home for Thanksgiving! Bye Bye!

Shortly before getting to I-75 though, the filter effect was done. Anybody getting out of the lane already did, and everyone still in it waited patiently for their turn to turn left and enter the highway. We in the other lanes boogied on through. I'd already stopped yesterday for the provisions needed today, and zipped on out to Archer where I stopped to check the mail at the Post Office. Had to sign for a certified letter, two actually, and really wondered about that. Came from the County Clerk of Court. Wondering about a Summons (usually served in person here in the States) I opened the one addressed to me (Herself received her own personal copy) and learned what's up.

Apparently our next-door 'neighbors' to the East are in default on property tax payments such that the property will be sold to highest bidder. I put neighbor in quotes there because no one actually lives on the property. For quite a while up to a couple years ago there was a Church Congregation meeting there, that stopped. Probably about the same time they started to default on tax payments, as it takes a couple years for County to move on that. They don't really want to evict people, if it can be helped.

Not sure how many people in the 'neighborhood' know this; the letter clearly stated we received the notice because our land is contiguous with the default. So is our other neighbor to the south and east (his property wraps around ours; he purchased some from other family members about five years back). We're debating about putting in a bid. It is a debate, would probably wipe out the inheritance funds from Herself's parents to buy it. If we're the highest bidder.

We may talk this over with our other neighbor, Miss Peggy. She may be in a better position to buy than we are.

Houdini had a weeping right eye this morning, didn't want to open it in bright sunlight. I suspect he got some sand in it last night. One of his favorite solo games is 'hunting no-see-ums) which, apparently, live in the sand around his den. Flushed it with some Basic Salt Solution which is saline pH balanced as surgical eye-drops. He helped me shift around some of the hot water valves in our bathroom. The shower valve has aged so that it was a constant slow leak. The one from the tub also shows wear, but isn't slow leaking. Also the tub has a water cut-off valve in line where the shower doesn't. They're exactly the same valves, so right now the tub is sans valve, the shower no longer leaks (or considerably less). Tomorrow I shall go to Ace Hardware and purchase replacement(s) plus some washers.

Should go a long way to help our House electric bill, and potentially the Ranch electric (on the well pump) as well. The latter because not only will the House not be experiencing constant slow flow, I'm also catching up with several hose bib valves about the Ranch which are so old they also are leaking.

Turkey in the rotisserie is almost done. Dinner will be in about an hour. Turkey, stuffing (stovetop), sweet potatoes and squash. Mmmmm Mmm good.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. A Yank holiday. Hospital gives us the Friday after as a holiday as well, so it's a long weekend. Time to catch up on those things detailed above. Today, as well, time to reflect and be thankful for:

Herself, teh Home Fuzzies, teh Ranch, our home.
Gainful employment, and recent sales from the Ranch
Friends, local and far, seen, spoken, corresponded.
Health. (Last year at this time I knew I'd be a patient at Hospital, divesting myself of Mr. Stone.)

May you also find good things to be thankful for today and all days.
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