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Holiday weekend over and back to Hospital. Gainful employment is also something for which to be thankful. Overall I claim a pleasant, personally successful weekend. Bit of photo work done in the making of photographs, bit posted to various sites, more done prepping for some posts. Not big on 'new year resolutions' but maybe, maybe.

Hopefully today a new Ranch tool will arrive, to help with the feeding of the Herd of Six ravenous bottle-kids. Called a 'Lambar', purchased through Jeffers (Jeffers Livestock, though it is possible the link will open with Jeffers Pet) it is a bucket with 10 nipples, each with a short hose to provide milk-bar enjoyment for a ravenous herd. This will be a big improvement, as the kids are now old enough to be somewhat more difficult to feed, needing to change off the empty bottles. Even with refills being immediately available.

Competition of the fittest exemplified.

I need breakfast.
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