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When Did

When did insomnia become contagious? What's up with insomnia harassing most of the people I read here on LJ, not to mention me? Couldn't sleep last night, actually got up between 02:00 and 03:30 or so. Then when I did go to bed and sleep, slept so hard I missed the alarm clock.

Good gnus (shamelessly stolen from zompus: don't feel particularly un-rested because of that hard sleep and I build enough time into my morning that I wasn't late for work.

Bad gnus: no coffee at home before leaving.

Good gnus: Boss likes the first draft of report on a pilot project we did. I knew it to be first draft, but there isn't much that needs to be added. Nor changed.

::contemplates tally::

OK, even with the insomnia, so far it's a net Plus.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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