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End of Week

Out of Hospital a bit early yesterday to make sure I got by the bank on the way home. Needed to cash a check for Herself, who is doing Feast for St. Benet's (a Barony An Crosaire event, and next weekend). Stopped for a few groceries on the way home as well, though apparently I missed picking up more creamer. We do have enough to get through the weekend.

Herself got up early today. The two of us went out to work on the Herd of 6 learning how to use the new Bucket'oNipples (not the trade name... heh heh). A few times previous practice, and Sufficient Hunger (they hadn't been fed the previous evening, since last nights forecast was mild), and all but one seem to have the idea now. Shiners (one of the littlest) took somewhat the longest. In part this is because Herself brought the two smaller buckets out filled with the bottles (those were empty) and the refills.

Refills. Yes. So this Bucket'oNipples, the Lambar, is a 3.5 gallon (14 litre) bucket, with the nipples arranged around the circumference near the lip. They in turn reach the supply with tubing. The original tubing, Herself replaced with smaller diameter. Think about drinking your sodas with a straw; a larger straw requires more suction to lift the fluid. Same thing here. Those smaller tubes make a big difference.

Herself also determined, for the learning phase, to use five mason jars inside the bucket. Her theory is that the smaller volume jars would contribute to ease of sucking up the milk. I told her I didn't think that would matter, the size 'straws' being more important. Still, those jars were in there, and we had refills in the two smaller buckets.

Which we left outside the gate.

Which Shiners figured out how to squeeze under/around when he saw the buckets. Obviously he recognised them as the Containers of Good Things, because there is where he went and tried sucking on the empty milk bottles with nipples. Didn't take him long to figure out this proved unproductive. And he did make it onto one of the bucket spigot nipples, and achieved satisfaction.

Little Black&White, he figured this out the first of all, and persevered through other, slightly larger kids trying to find milk, MILK! They all worked it out, finding that each one of those spigot thingies that don't look exactly like what their concept of nipples is produces Satisfaction.

Only Bigger Black&White continued to sing the old Stones hit. He just didn't get any Satisfaction. Maybe he'll figure it out this afternoon. Maybe not. He's the biggest of the kids, and he's also started eating cereal when the bigger goats are fed. Don't think he'll starve to death.

After this feeding Herself commenced packing up while Houdini and I fed the rest of teh Ranch. Herself is off to Ocala for the Ocala Holiday Parade and the Shire Amurgurod's float in the parade. I'd contemplated going over, but...

Also did a feed run today, purchasing enough feed to tide us over the weekend for Cow, and a good two weeks worth for Hog and Horse (Goat is sufficient). Herself will re-stock feed during the week for Cow and Goat. Plus I put a bit of petrol in Forrest NissanPickup. She took Sydney SubaruOutback to Ocala, so I could do the feed run. That, and lock things safely during the interim of the parade. I'll hang out, do Ranch Watch, take my time feeding the Herd of 6 later, and in general save some on not burning the extra petrol.

Alas, this means no photos of the parade. However, from reports through other friends, people and groups already staked out their places to watch the parade through the week. Not having been a part of this means no open spots for photography.

So, I'll work on photos otherwise, here to the Ranch. Oh, also probably play with more playlists. Put together two over the past couple days, Waltz-able (all pieces with 3/4 time tempo, therefor waltz-able, or some multiple of 3/4 time which is, also, waltz-able), and Walkin'Tunes to provide nice music with a good walking beat. Not marches, per se, but good walking beats.

Houdini is hanging with me in the House.
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