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Houdini and I started getting the kid milk ready for the Herd of 6 when the phone rang. I kept working; we screen calls when necessary through the simple expedient of leaving the answering machine on all the time. This call I picked up, even though it interrupted getting the milk ready. I'd been expecting one albeit probably next week. The call led to dinner with an old and dear friend.

She and her husband are driving her mother down to mother's winter home, another four hours or so further south in Baja Jorja, and timed their trip to stay overnight hereabouts. Her father died earlier this year, this is Mother's first winter (and holidays) without. She will not be alone, however.

A good dinner. It's been nigh on 15 years since we've seen each other. Much less for contacts, just time between seeing. A good visit. Their children are now grown, they are grandparents, and this year her husband A told his employer, 'It's been grand. Please pay me not to come here anymore.'

Ah, a good visit.

Oh, and the Herd of 6 did much better with the Bucket'ONipples, including Bigger B&W Buckling though he needed a bit of 1 on 1 time to catch the clue bus. Shiners seemed not to have, as he kept trying to climb on top of the bucket. Then it occurred to me, Shiners is used to a bit more touchy time since he is one of the smallest, and Herself always made sure he got his share. Well, so did I, eh? What he was looking for was that touchy time. He got quite enough nutrition on his own, what with there being 4 nipples to spare. At the least. Five in function, as Bigger B&W sort of hung out in the background sulking because the nipples weren't right (at first). We'll see if he's still got the clue bus ticket this morning.

Herself got home late from Parade, so I still don't know how things went, other than the quick report phoned in while I parboiled myself in the tub. Sorry, I'd just gotten in, wasn't going to get out again to go halfway across the house for the phone.
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