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I like to listen to NPR on the drive in; it's one of my news sources, and overlaps depending on the time I actually leave teh Ranch with Morning Classics for some 'classical' music. Classical is a term used to describe a very wide category, only a narrow portion of which is considered 'Classical' by musicologists. That, however, is not the point of this wee diatribe.

This morning NPR interviewed Michael Duncan, the chairman of the Republican National Committee who is seeking to keep his position in the wake of the November elections. One of the actions put in place since then is a web site for members of the GOP to both declare why they are members and ask questions about the current state of the GOP. I disagree with part of one statement made. His interpretation of the outcome of the November elections is that 'we've been in charge for the past eight years' and because of the economy the GOP is being punished.

I'm not going to say anything about the punishment aspect; could be that a majority of the voters who voted feel that way. I disagree about the eight years on the 'being in charge' part. The GOP held a majority in one or both Chambers of Legislature considerably longer than those eight years that Current Occupant, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been in residence.

One of the questions addressed a perceived need (on the part of the questioner) for the GOP to put some distance between itself and the Religious Right. The pregnant pause that followed lasted long enough for the NPR reporter to re-state the question. I'm not sure the answer give really answered the person who asked the question, as it addressed the business of the GOP being a party for everyone and the RNC Chairman attempting to include everyone.

Frankly, I'm of an opinion that the question was answered, and in a different manner by the simple interpretation of being a very inoffensive answer.

I am most probably best described as one of those folks who walks the 'middle of the road'. I prefer my government to be rather more fiscally conservative and socially liberal, though there are aspects of the 'socially' where I lean towards being extremely conservative. To whit, I do not believe it is any governments place to legislate negatively on the rights of its citizens, and I also believe that a goodly portion of those rights are embodied in the Constitution. It works. Don't fix it until there is good evidence it's broken, then fix it and leave it be again.

Thus I pick up on a slogan from one of my readers, who will recognise it readily. Freedom of religion means freedom from religion. And I am no longer convinced at all that the GOP is free from religion.

Which puts me in the odd position of agreeing with a number of Republicans currently in office, that the best solution to the problems the automobile industry faces is for the US automakers to go through Chapter 11 reorginasation rather than be 'bailed out' by the government. Now, there are some strong sentimental connections between myself and at least one of those auto makers.

General Motors, in the specific incarnation of Chevrolet, paid for my upbringing, the roof over my head, the first eight years of primary education and the first two years of college education. Up to 1994 every vehicle I or my partner purchased (with one exception, and that one served both a short term 9-month need and fulfilled a childhood goal and I feel no desire to purchase another vehicle from that manufacturer again - they make good vehicles, it is simply I've fulfilled that goal) came from one or another of the Big 3 and most of them from GM.

And for the past 15 years or so, those companies for the most part made a number of business decisions that locked them into a plan which emphasised a number of things people are (albeit somewhat 'suddenly') not so much interested in currently. As in, fuel greedy therefor uneconomical vehicles. Keep in mind, I stipulate that when Herself and I go looking for a heavy-hauler for teh Ranch, we're looking at just that type of vehicle.

I expect facing the consequences and paying the piper for their decisions is just too frightening for them to contemplate. Better to suck off the government teat for some corporate welfare.

Well, that's that on that.

The past few evenings I've managed to haul out the laptop after work to either select photos to process, complete or experiment with said processing, or start prepping some manuscripts for posting to LJ. I suppose I could of started that latter item back in November. I did mention the manuscripts, specifically that I opted not to post them because a number of people I should like to read them (Feedback, People, Feedback!) would be busy with NaNoWriMo. Could of started working on them, and posting my progress along with the lot of you. Instead of a word count, I'd be posting 'Hooray, replaced 20 formatting codes with their HTML equivalents today'.

Herself is prepping for making Feast at St. Benet's this weekend. St. Benet's itself is occurring nearly a month early, because this year the autocrat wants to make it a day-long event. Rather a change. I am thinking I shall stay on Ranch Watch rather than attend, as this would afford more opportunity to prep photos and such, after feeding everyone.
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