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Almost BossStaysHomeDays

I've been working diligently, if slowly, today. Knocked off a couple things needed done. Not a lot.

Listened to some music sent my way from Down Under. You know who you are who sent it to me. *G* Well, OK, it wasn't just me you sent it to. Doesn't change anything.

Music did lead to an OMG moment; yes, You Who Sent, I'd heard Crowded House back in the day. Recongised one number once I listened to it. But, you are still Teh Eeeevil. Only just avoided actually ROTFLMFAO listening to Tripod. Only. Just.

Envied a Penguin.

Originally uploaded by Slave2TehTink

::glares at slave2tehtink with EnvieLazerEyes::

Edited the description of a piece on DA, to point people towards the artist who helped with the piece. Hopefully, helps make some sales for her.

See. I've been busy today. Time to pack up. Houdini, Smudge, and Squrrl are calling.
Tags: houdini, life the universe and everything

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