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About Time

About time to pack it in and head home for the weekend. Today's payday, need to stop on the way for some things. Including salsa, need salsa to make Cheezie Piggie tomorrow. Maybe some bagel chips too... then we can call it Blasphemous Dip! Many thanks and a nod to janetmiles for that latter, eh?

All afternoon long I've been 'Rating' songs in my iTunes. Somewhat torn about iTunes. Basically, it involves a friend who ran into a rough-edged spot not transacting some business with Apple Store, source of iTunes, and wanting to provide support. The app itself is generally free, and one then buys music from them. I use it because of the iShuffle. Which, itself, was 'free' as a raffle prize from Major Vendor at AORN Congress. Thus, I don't really spend any or much money at the Apple Store. I just use the software.

But it's time to go. Been a week. And it's odd, but all day long I keep thinking I hear Houdini...
Tags: life the universe and everything, work

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