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Generally Art, Eh?

I posted a couple pieces to the Deviant Art site; will probably, but later, work on posting them here as well. Note: they'll be filtered to Da Artsy Farts. Back in '03 Herself's uncle Visualdata introduced me to a site known as Community Zoe. I've been active there, then dropped back to lurker for a while, and recently posted some work there again. It is a Fine-Art Nude site, requires membership, is free (i.e. donations are entirely voluntary) as the primary purpose behind Zoe creating the site is for artists and models to be able to post work, critique, network a bit but not primarily that.

Also, one of the gifts I received this year is one of the Dover stencil books. If you're not familiar with these, Dover publishes quite a few. They're handy for artists looking for general ideas, and people looking for designs for silk-screening or other applications. All the work is usable, they're royalty-free designs. Dover in fact is one of the publishing companies which early on started working the digital publishing side of the industry. Most of these stencil type books include a CD these days with the designs in various formats.

This particular one is on Japanese designs. Likewise, I'd say these designs are definitely for textiles, based on thumbing through the book. Quite the happy camper with this, am I. Plus, I suspect someone is encouraging me to spend a bit more time playing in various historical venues.


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