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Saturday Recount: SP Trip

Left the Ranch around 12:00, topped off petrol in Williston, then down 41 rather than the Interstate. Just because. Added one hour to the trip; there are three spots along the drive for route change decisions. One shifts me over to heading down 19 along the coast. The other two allow me to run over to I-75 north of the I-275 interchange. Both of those would skip some of the slower areas on 41.

Arrived, stretched a bit, then we all loaded up into the White Bus and ran down to Maximo Park. singingnettle should recall that spot, though today is both much less windy and less overcast. Made photos so there is something for comparison and discussion after dinner.
For dinner they are going to kidnap me and take me to a place where they will force me to eat sushi.

Sunday Morning

I’m the only one awake, which is normal I think. Listening to music, a gift from the Boss for Christmas, a five CD compilation titled ‘Classic Collection’ a veritable smorgasbord or mostly single pieces. As in, single movements from larger pieces. As in, could be called Top 50 Classic Hits. The music is good, well played, nice interpretations. As a ‘Top 50' compilation this could serve as a great introduction to ‘classical’ music, however, in the case of those single movements from a larger piece for anyone who knows the music, it leaves one ... lacking. Wanting the rest of those pieces. Though the single, stand-alone pieces, this is a very nice manner to add them to the music library.

After getting back from Maximo Park, we all uploaded our photos to our respective PC’s and chatted a bit, then headed out to Super Buffet for the aforementioned sushi feast. Good food, good meal, not perhaps outstanding sushi but far from bad. Back to the house, and some more comparing of photographs, then we watched a couple episodes of “Black Books” on DVD, a Brit comedy series which Skippy owns. Quite amusing, very bizarre (as Brit humour often seems to be), and I could see to trying to track these down, I could.

Soon: Breakfast. Going to look for another friend and pass some good fortune that way, if it works out.
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