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LJ Book (at least as my posting this) does not seem to be so busy today. Or, it wasn't. Now it's telling me once again that too many people are using the site. Still, I got a year and a half backed up. This is something I've been intending to do even before the big fruffle of last week. After all, when it comes to words, apparently I'm a pack rat.

ETA: Well, I connected one more time, so now I've got two and a half years backed up. Mostly because I wanted to do the burp in one year increments. Now, because of 'resource intensive' activity I discover people who don't donate are limited to 3 access' and that resets in six months...

If I were more paranoid than I am, I might suspect something like extortion. I might. But no, because it is a pretty intriguing service, and otherwise offered free, that could not apply.
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