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Hoggetowne Is Started

It is the first open day of the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. This is the 18th or 19th running of this event; I took part in the first three, then enjoyed a long sabbatical, and now show up sporadically as what I like to call, the Lunch Relief Man.

But my primary responsibility during Hoggetowne is to perform the Ranch chores, and as such it is time to go make rounds. The good news is (considering I'm still inclined to recumbentcy) today this mostly means checking out the Border Collie Brothers for water and breakfast. Feeding the critters may wait until tomorrow; there's still enough graze (though it won't last much longer) for the cows and goats and chickens.

I will need to water the two goats in hospital, of course.

Then I shall be able to decide, am I up to heading off to the Faire in 50 some degree damp weather, or will I bow out and indulge myself with recumbent recovery? Fortunately the sore throat is much lessened by both copious quantities of hot tea and appropriate quantities of SWMBO's homemade cold medicine, a seekrit mixture of magical herbs, spices, and ... well, that's why it's seekrit, eh?

The chicken soup probably didn't hurt, either.

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