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Today In History

I am thinking, the first time I watched an Inauguration of a U.S. President live, on television, may have been John F. Kennedy's. Then again, I may only be remembering that from recordings. I am sure, because I experienced it, my father telling me to stay up late and watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, because that was history, because in his lifetime Mankind progressed from fabric covered biplanes to walking on another celestial body.

Today I watched the Inauguration live, via Internet feed, and in an association with a live interactive chat session. In my lifetime, then, Mankind progressed from only being able to participate live with those in one's immediate presence to include in that presence people from around the world.

I think about that and it helps put the rest of my thoughts into perspective.

I am not much of a conspiracy theorist. Occam's Razor is a powerful tool, and simplest is usually the most accurate. Still, there are enough issues with an election held eight and a bit years ago that I felt just possibly, conspiracy or not, the individual who took the Oath of Office had not actually been elected to that office. Again enough issues with an election held four and a bit years ago brought me to stop even thinking of the person who repeated that Oath of Office in conjunction with the title associated.

Some when in the year after that, I started referring to that person in a term pulled from the predecessor of 'spam mail', from Junk Mail sent by advertisers. Current Occupant.

No More. My President, the holder of an Office which at one point in my life literally held the power of life or death over my life as a member of the Armed Services, again has a name: Barack H. Obama is the 44th President.

As I said, I am not much of a conspiracy theorist. Still, deep inside me, in a place I really did not want to speak, in a paranoia birthed out of a time when there really were people trying to kill me, dwelt a fear. That fear I laid to rest when I heard President Obama take the Oath of Office.

lolleeroberts said it best, over there in that live, interactive, Internet Happening: Whoever you voted for, this is impressive. Every four years for the last 212 years we do this. Peaceful transition of power for that many years is something.

And it happened again today.
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