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Hoggetowne Faire

I've lost track of the number. This faire started some time back. Every year except last year, Herself has been involved. Last year there came a major conflict with her involvement in the SCA, so she skipped the Faire because their contract requires attendance at both weekends. This year, she's baaa-aaack. *G*

So I've got Ranch Watch this morning, which includes not only the Herd of 6 (who are being weaned, it's time, but that contributes to the next part) also two brand new kids from yesterday who we are watching to make sure their dame is nursing them. Both kids are doelings, and Herself wants those doelings!

So. Off to Feed the Multitudes, then clean up, then dress in funny clothes (for the 21st Century, at least) and off to Faire.
Tags: hoggetowne, life the universe and everything, ranch
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