madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Change In Plans

Another pair of kids this morning, these two from one of our older does who is getting to a point where... well, we'll probably be feeding her kids too. Particularly since we rather like JuneBug. She got the tips of one leg, just the hooves, caught under a platform when she was a wee kid. Our yearling bull calf at the time nudged the platform onto her. We don't know how deliberate that was, doesn't matter. By the time we found her, those hoof toetips were dead. She lost them within a week, but healed fine otherwise.

Nobody told her she couldn't do things with only 3.95 feet, so she does. She's actually one of the more dominant does in the herd.

And she presented us doelings. Herself is wanting those doelings. The fall kidding was near 95% bucklings which is good for sales later (much later) this year and into next year. However, a higher portion than we'd like of the does are these older does. We need their replacements.

So. I'm keeping an eye on the Ranch all day. Herself has been notified. She approves.
Tags: goatmammas, ranch
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