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Faire Report

Stolen from a response to fatfred because I am a blob of semi-animated goo this morning...

This weekend bigger crowds than last weekend. Yesterday (as expected) the crowd thinned drastically around 16:30 - 17:00 with crowd bailing to get home in time for Superbowl. Herself says the receipts show we made money, not huge, and nearly all of it this w/e rather than 1st.

University payday was Friday.

My friend S who is a blacksmith/knifemaker sold a big-ticket knife. On Sticky Dollar Day! To one of the school group chaperons, not a kid. To put this into perspective for folks that don't know S' work, his big-ticket knives run from the middle to the high end of the three-digit listings.

Tons of the puppets about (as seen on shoulder in icon); I think their sales were fairly good. Crowd was purchasing enough to keep people going, but odd things.

And of course the food venders did brisk business.

Bad news: the falconer lost a bird when it landed/perched on a power transformer by the field.
ETA: In part because so far the comments all reach out to the falconer (which is good, read on), this falconer has been a part of Hoggetowne Medieval Faire for at least 10 years if I recall correctly. She is very active in predator/raptor bird rescue/rehabilitation, and a number of the birds in her 'show' don't fly, but are along because they are in rehab after injuries. These birds change over the years, as they finish rehab and are returned to the wild. None of those birds are handled by anyone other than herself or her group, that is the general public doesn't get to touch, only look.

The falcon was one of hers, and its absence was noted by many of us who take part in the Faire the day it happened. She also takes part in the 'Royal Procession' usually carrying this bird on her wrist as the 'Royal Falconer'. She still took part in the processions (contractual agreements), but with a different bird. Most of us did not witness the event itself; when you are taking part in the Faire, even as independent vendor, you're working and don't often get to watch the different shows, unless they take place at one of the stages set about the grounds and which are opposite your own booth.

When the news came out, we (the Faire participants) did put something together for her to help out.

Firesmith news, yes there are photographs. They will show you what life at a Faire is like when one is working the Faire rather than attending. As in, what happened going past our booth. No, they are not here yet. See Sentence #1, this post.
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