madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Week End

Is it Friday yet? Yeah, right.

Much accomplished in terms of clearing/cleaning/organising Studio 318 this weekend. Some of which is achieved by simply moving things into the 'office' room there (could also be considered the 'virtual' darkroom since that's one place supposedly set up to work on photographs). Still, it's out of the Studio or Kitchen room (they are largely interconnected). Some things were moved into the 'front' room, though mostly in a storage mode; that's where the metal shelf units from Sam's Club went.

Also out to Carrabba's for dinner with Herself on Saturday evening. With leftovers for lunch today. And Devious Herself plans to replicate recipes. That last part is one of the reasons I so enjoy taking Herself to restaurants. Only one of the reasons, though.

Houdini proved helpful, at least part of the time. I'm sure he doesn't believe I spent enough time with him.

ETA: And, just now for the first time in 3 days I can actually move a lot of air through my nasal passages. Hmm... related, ya think?
Tags: life the universe and everything, photography, studio

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