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Goats Got New House

The fellows arrived much later than they indicated. Their first set of directions put them way the hell north of Archer looking for us. We are not to the north of Archer.

They arrived right at the start of Evening Rounds, which disrupted the routine in ways that proved fairly significant. We'll see, hopefully things will settle out in the plus column. Things are in the plus column for the Goats. Being a metal shelter roof, it went up quick. I expect many of y'all have seen the like, as they are used for a lot of different purposes. One of the most common is to provide sun/rain shelter for autos. Goats were happy and under cover this morning when I left for Hospital.

I'm shooting to get out of Hospital early today for a couple reasons, all personal and no I won't tell you. Well, personal business covers several of the reasons. Today is payday. Grocery Shopping will ensue. Oops, I just told you one of the reasons.


Ranch time, Studio time, that's the plan. We'll see if plans happen or things change. Life is like that.
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