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Ranch Watch

This weekend, the Barony of An Crosaire invests a new Baron & Baroness. Herself is attending. I could, I suppose, yet there is so much else I rather should do.

Hence, Ranch Watch. Morning rounds, feed distributed, everyone checked. Houdini and I then ran into Archer for hay and short supplies, enough to weigh down a couple barrels if the winds pick up. They could, based on the weather reports. Now, catching up with things about the house. Laundry. Dishes. Objects for Studio, plans thereof and therefor. Continuing to sort and catalog photographs, spending some time working on more from the St. Valentines Day Shoot.

I like saying it that way.

The Otters are up to a couple things, I'm sure. Popper seems to be behind the entire fracas. Keeping an eye on that mob, to be sure.
Tags: life the universe and everything, photography, ranch

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