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Contemplation. Meditation.

It's been on my mind for a while, off and on, and for a variety of reasons. Some of the subject matter, things I'm interested in, check. Opportunities for photography, both sketchbook and contacts for future work on projects, check. Opportunities to dress up, check. So when one of my Muses mentioned a mere week or so ago she is thinking seriously about attending Dragon*Con this year (It's all about the dress-up, don't you know... :D Yes I do, alienorade) my mind started working on this in a slightly higher gear.

If I'm going, it's time to start the process. Contributing factors include things I've not discussed here yet, will soon, and are feeling a bit... strange. Also included, quite a bit that I mentioned above. This morning I skimmed through the Guest List and recognised one name from my Reading List here which I expected to see, and a few others from various areas I am not surprised to see, and one name from that list that piques my interest for a different reason.

Leonard Nimoy is on the Guest List.

OK. Now, Science Fiction is on my Interests list, and Star Trek could be because it's Science Fiction and hey, I'm a Trekkie from the very beginning. I know I've mentioned someplace here on LJ that I watched the debut episode, the Very First Time Anyone Saw Star Trek, in the TV department of Sears after my parents got me new clothes for school and still had some shopping to do on their own.

So does it surprise you to hear there is a totally different reason I'd just really like to be able to ask Mr. Nimoy for an autograph? Or two.

Yes, there is, Oh My Readers, Mr. Nimoy is an accomplished photographer of The Human Body. I've got a couple of his books. I would really like his autograph on those books.

So. What do you think, Oh My Readers?
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