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Ranch Watch

Been a busy day locally. Nothing at all like yesterday, thank goodness. Just making the morning rounds, getting everyone fed, helping Herself unload hay (she did the Hay Run while Houdini & I did Morning Rounds). Helping Herself get loaded up while checking some things on-line, little things like how much money is in the bank (today is Payday for Hospital... gotta love direct deposit!), clearing out one e-mail account of a full weeks worth no reading, collecting eggs from teh Dirty Yardbirds and feeding them as well, helping Herself get loaded up for her trip (wait, I mentioned that... well, there was that much loading). After she left, making a phone call regarding a tax bill from two years ago. Waiting, waiting, waiting on hold...

To learn it's been cleared up. OK. That's good news.

Still, I feel - drained. Like I want a nap. Only, I don't want a nap because I'm wanting to do things.

I'm so confused.

Good news read in friends LJ's, interesting things seen same way. Even via the old, glacial, rural, North Central Baja Jorja dial-up. I've spent more time on-line today than any other day this week. A record? Nah.

Gonna go poke around doing those other things. L8r.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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