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Woke up to a thunderstorm this morning. Not one of the worst ever, but some intensity. Lots of wind yesterday, a few things blown about. I will be walking a fence line today, for sure. Probably a better idea than some of the other plans for the day.

Dinner with friends last night, good. Interesting visit and proposal as a photography project, something I've been working on in a similar vein. Only down side, one friend joined the club of people intolerant to the tomato family, and so one out of three of us could not enjoy the Sloppy Goats, since I'd used salsa as part of the recipe. Alas.

Sloppy Goats tasty. Om nom nom.

Progressing closer to the end of the stay-cation. Can't claim I've not done any photography as there was the Spring Garden Festival one week ago today, and the Pity Party. No photography in studio which had been planned. On the other hand there, a lot of preparatory work done plus re-arranging again for most economical use layout. I feel pretty good about it. Still need to work up a removable handle for the posing blocks cum transport carts for other posing blocks.

Studio could be a more efficient floor plan, I suppose, yet the fact that it is an existing structure and required little outlay to convert? Hard to argue with. Indeed. Though I've discovered I need to re-set two of the hooks from which hang the backdrops. The interval is 40.5cm/16"(plus-minus on the conversion), except I very carefully measured and marked one at 15". It's close to one end, and easier to move two than to move seven.

Posing blocks will help with that, actually. They will put me closer to the ceiling for drilling new holes and setting hooks. Since there needs to be at least two more rows of these hooks, I'm looking forward (now) to getting that done. Wasn't much fun at all to put in one, or two, then need to move a lot of stuff to put in the next two...

Time to wrap things up in House and head out for Morning Rounds. Part of which will include Houdini and I walking that fence line looking for branches down.
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