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Sunday Morning

Woke up this morning and the Treo 750 Smartphone helpfully said something about resetting time to Daylight Stupid Time please check for accuracy. Sure enough, Treo Smartphone time is one hour fast. Thus I suppose, coming up on the one year mark (still a month or so away) it is a good time for a State of the Treo posting.

Not. So. Smart.

I attribute this pretty much entirely to software rather than hardware, mind you. The 750 uses Microshaft WinMobile. Consider the personal designator for company vending and you should detect a prejudice on my part. I hold it is an earned prejudice. After a difficult time at the beginning getting the device to synchronise, about six months ago it forgot how to synchronise. All the trouble shooting so far is unsuccessful. This includes re-stepping through all the process of getting the bloody thing to synch in the first place, plus a bit more.

As a phone, as a camera, as a schedule keeping device, the hardware works fine. That lack of synchronisation is a big annoyance, however.

Ah well.

Laundry yesterday, plus a couple other short errands because Herself is not feeling terribly chipper. Better, but definitely under the weather. Laundry included fabric for sewing. All that remains at this point is getting the last load out of the dryer. Will do that after morning rounds.

Continuing to progress through cataloging imagery, using ACDSee. I've discovered more of the functionality in the past two months than most of the previous year. Partly this is due to a decision to downsize images on the internal HD. That is due to running out of space. More as we continue through this great adventure.

Trouble-shooting another problem, not close enough to solutions to go into depth about it. Other than to say, it also involves photography.

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