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Shag, Marry, Defenestrate

With some amusement I've been watching this and contemplating. Seemed pretty one-sided, pardon my outlook, as being a pretty gender-oriented meme.

Still, thatwordgrrl is the first I saw handing out the requisites in a manner which allowed a buy-in, as it were. So the deal is, you get three people to shag, marry, or defenestrate. Bet said cliff, which results in the same thing, but since Office her in Hospital is on the fifth floor, I opt for defenestration. You find some pics, you post your response.

She set before me Kaylee (Firefly), Friday Jones (Heinlein), and Jadzia Dax (DS9).

Now this being a (perhaps not totally) theoretical exercise (as were I to allow reality to creep in very far, all three of these luckily fictional characters would likely be defenestrated by Herself), I shall also take a cue from the right rational thatwordgrrl and allow as all three of them, for sure, shag. Um, yes, definitely.

That said.

Defenestration. Might of been a tough call except for one thing. Given notice, and support (and Defenestration is, if you investigate, often the sentence to a crime so there would be notice and support) Jadzia goes out the window. Upon arrival to the ground, Dax gets moved into another host. Done.

Now, Friday? She's interesting and all, but there's that whole angst thing about being an AP.

Shag, and again, and enjoy, and then Call again when you come by. Thanks.

Which leaves Kaylee

Yes, Kaylee, as Wash said unto you, were I not married, I would take you in a manly fashion. 'Cause you're pretty. And I would marry you, because you are so very much more than Moi good with the mechanicals. And pretty.
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