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For those who do, Happy Easter.

Helped Herself in garden space today. For those who recall I've frequently mentioned the black thumb, this is exactly what she wanted. Clearing areas in her old garden spot, and extending it. Pulling up scrap aluminum (formerly skirting on Studio 318), moving a couple other large objects, digging out the walls of two composters. Pure physical labour. Started that off with mounting two new handles on the old wheelbarrow.

Well, maybe not quite so new. She'd purchased two steel replacements. Turns out, they are for a slightly smaller wheelbarrow. So we couldn't use those on this one. No worries. Turns out I'd purchased a couple spares a while back, wooden ones. These merely need to have holes drilled at the appropriate places, rather than coming pre-drilled. Did that, as well as two tiny holes at either end of a crack in the plastic of the tub. Should serve to hold the crack from becoming larger. Now Herself has a functioning wheelbarrow again. The old handles are old... no Homer Simpson moments here. Seriously, one of them rotted through and the other, while not rotting through did show significant rot at the distal end.

That second handle was made from mahogany, so much more weather resistant than the first. I've kept the portion of it which is free from rot. It weathered very nicely; should make an interesting Studio prop, or other tool in Studio. The two new handles are also mahogany. Herself is happy.

I was going to do other things afterwards, but just now I'm somewhat fried. I will relax for a bit, then work some more on office kinds of things.
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