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Raining, which is good, though it brings other things as well. Yesterday evening while getting ready for bed (somewhen about 22:00) off go the lights and no I didn't flip the switch. This followed near immediately with the poppow of the transformer up at the road dying. This in the midst of fairly heavy rain with lightning, though there hadn't been any right at the point in time. Still in all, phoned up CFEC and left the automated power is out message.

Sleep interrupted by assorted normally powered with battery backup devices beginning to chirp at us that hey, the power is NOT ON! Some when around 03:30 CFEC showed up, replaced the transformer, and followed the line up to our pole and transformer to check that out as well. C'est viola, the power she is back!

Which led to the alarm going off at 05:00 right on time.

Nd mr cffee, plz kthx.
Tags: tired, weather

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