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Herself is off to Gathering of the Clans (SCA). I'm on Ranch Watch, and Houdini, Smudge & I made morning rounds. All's well. Then Squrrl & I boarded Sydney SubaruOutback and headed into Archer to check the mail; a certified letter from County Clerk of Court awaited. The bad news is, a neighbor's property will be auctioned to highest bidder if they can not pay back taxes by May. The good news is, it's not our property. We get the notice because this piece of property is contiguous with ours, sort of a notice if we want to get in on the auction. I'll tell Herself when she gets home, but I don't think we'll be bidding.

Sign of the times. Sign of the times. This is the second piece we've received notice on, and both pieces, I believe, are owned (were owned?) by different members of the same extended family.

Time to work on some business of my own.
Tags: life the universe and everything, ranch

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