madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Saturday Morning Miscellany

Madame Queen Mary Kitteh receives her morning laptime. You'll need to ask the Kittehs of Apocalypse why she is also referred to as Mean Ole Mary Kitteh, as she is quite patient with the Monkey Servants.

Two years ago I received as a give-away prize from one of the companies which supports the care of patients in surgery an iShuffle. Happy to say it's still going strong, and as evidence it's getting a lot of use I'm about to be done with the second set of earphones. The first of course is the trademark white ones which came with it. Mind, they still work, however the soft cushy rims wore off. Not so comfy in the ears any more. The second I simply transferred from the laptop, as they came with it. Part of laptop being a multi-media device. So they are older than the Shuffle, though not by a lot. The wire begins to separate from one of the earphones. Thus I shall need to replace earphones soon.

Because I enjoy portable music, I do.

Coffee on relaxed mornings is much better than coffee on busy mornings. It's good on all mornings, eh, just better on relaxed ones.

Bought a replacement battery for Herself's yard tractor. So of course, the old one took a charge. Question is, will it hold that charge? Our experience so far: battery replacement is an annual thing.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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