madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Sun Day

It is, too, with the sun shining and a nice breeze. I loafed about the house reading e-mail, surfing, and checking a couple other things on-line. Then I gathered up Houdini and headed out to make Morning Ranch Rounds. We were wrapping things up with the goats (cows first, head count, horses next, then goats) when Herself joined us with the kid milk. We're feeding 3.5 apparently. We think one of the four is now finding his dames teat and applying sufficient suction to get milk. He still came over to cadge some more. Clever fellow.

Then Houdini and I cleaned up a couple old hog panels which we broke down from an old hog pen. Houdini is quite sure that cleaning up those panels proved merely an excuse for a game of Hose. I'm not saying. I will say, when we finished that off H was ready for NapNao.

Herself came to the House about the same point, having cut some grass for hogs & thus provided them Sunday Morning Salad. We ate a late brunch, and now I'm about other work in office. Primarily Ranch book-keeping. Ah, the joys of 'sole proprietorship' on one's own business.

Welcome to my weekend.
Tags: life the universe and everything, ranch

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