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I've Played This Before, Let's Do It Again

The So-Called Rules:
1. Reply to this post with 'Icons!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

merimask played this recently, and so I mentioned the appropriate word over there (though in reverse, that doesn't seem to have affected anything), and these are what she chose.

And the choices are:
Attitude Attitude: Blues Bros! I'm a fan of the first movie, less so yet still find the sequels entertaining. Each year, my professional association AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses) holds a convention, our annual Congress. It's a week compressed in time, continuing education, parties, a huge trade show, parties, business meetings for the Association, parties... One of the companies which provides supplies we use in surgery sets up a small scene at their booth in the trade show. They photograph the attendees in some scene which suits the location or the theme of the meeting or both. The first year we held the meeting in Chicago (this year was the second, only I didn't go due to finances), they hired the Blues Brothers. The guys looked at my outfit and then at me and we all said at the same time, "Attitude!" And so I frequently use this icon for Attitude posts, both positive and negative.

Kitten (on shoulder) Kitten!: Sometime towards the end of '03 a tabby adopted us, earning the name Snuggles for her very affectionate manner. She was young, and Surprise! also pregnant. We found homes for the four kittens she littered and this wee fellow is one of them. Snuggles, as an aside sort of, proved very affectionate, shall we say, and when the kittens were weened and homed we took her to the Vet to break her plumbing, to learn she was already pregnant again. So we found homes for the second litter of four, and just before the kittens were totally weaned took Snuggles to the vet again and SURPRISE! she's pregnant again. The last litter (whew, and a clue) became the Four Kittehs of the Apocalypse (One, Two, Three, and Four) because a) we were running out of names and b) they were just big enough and curious enough and strong enough to begin exploring the entire house the Labor Day Weekend Hurricane Frances squatted on us for 3 days. Shortly after, with some cleanup done and the vet re-opened we took Snuggles in. You know she's still nursing, they sez. Yup. Is she pregnant? No, they sez. And so she got neutered right then.

Alas, she disappeared about 10 months later. Three of the Four Kittehs of the Apocalypse still live with us.

Geek by wedschilde Geek by wedschilde: Bladerunner Geekiness courtesy of wedschilde. Both of us really, really like the movie Bladerunner, and this icon she put together for a group of her friends who share that love. Thus the icon is used for a lot of science-fiction and geekery related posts.

Ofuroyama & Dredd-Whiskey Ofuroyama & Dredd-Whiskey: Body mass & alcohol... You see, there's this Otterz Mob. Mob in the Aussie sense, rather than in the Mafia sense. Though some might say there isn't a difference where Otterz are concerned, this really isn't the case. At any rate, the Otterz Mob is this group of Otterz who live with various humans (many of them play here on LJ). Quite a few of the Otterz travel about and experience adventures, and those adventures get documented, and... no, that's not even the half of it. This icon shows a fellow known at the time it was made simply as 'The Big New Guy' and Dredd Phredd Pyrate Otterz. Now Dredd, being a Pyrate, has a weakness for grog in all its many incarnations, and determined to drink the Big New Guy under that table they're on. We later learned Big New Guy is Kawuso Ofuroyama, a sumo champion and private investigator Otterz.

Self RN Hard at Work Self RN Hard at Work: I've been a Registered Nurse for 29 years, nearly 21 of those in Surgical Theatre in some capacity. This is a self-portrait of myself (self-portrait in the sense that I directed my colleague who used my camera to make the photograph) while serving as Scrub Nurse. The person on the table that day is an acquaintence of mine, and requested I be her nurse during surgery. I told her our nurse who worked that service would be much better as her Circulating Nurse since she did that particular type of surgery every day, but I could scrub her surgery as I'd done that particular operation many, many times. There's a lot more somewhat ribald humour associated with it, sorry that's not for you as it would get a bit too close to revealing specifics about a patient. *G* BTW, that is Bullwinkle J. Moose on my hat. Should give you a clue about another of my fandoms.

I use this icon when I'm making posts that relate to my direct practice of Nursing, even now that I'm not full-time in the Surgical Theatre any longer and working Nursing Informatics.

Now, I'd made a wee bet with Meself that merimask might just ask about the icon used with this post. Only a wee one, though. This is Kitsune, and is one of the masks which Meri made. *G*
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