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Ah Em Tird

I think there should be a law or something that says if you are more tired at the end of a week-end, you don't have to go to work. Of course there isn't, but I think there should be.

Portions of week-end successfully reported earlier. Daytrip yesterday, actually afternoon trip, over to Waldo Flea Market looking for component parts to the tarp shelters we use for the youngster goats and other purposes. Trip successful, in that we found the component parts. Walked right past them coming in, matter of fact, though this is not obvious from the surroundings. Nearly walked past them again on the way out. Avoided that, though.

The rest of the flea market was... almost depressing. Considering how big and busy this specific flea market used to be, there are a lot of empty booths. Now, some of those may well be due to the day. Being Mothers Day, and being as Yanks seem rather oddly stuck on the concept, some folk may not of come in to set up in favour of doing other things. Or, may of shut down early. Still, a lot of empty booths.

One would think a flea market might do better in tighter economic times; lower prices and all.

We did find a few things which sparked some interest. One place selling housewares, which Herself will commend to the Shire she is part of in SCA. They're looking for expanding a bit on Shire-owned kitchen tools and such, and this place would be good for that. I proposed some alternat uses for a couple bowls, as jingasa (iron hats, sort of) for Otterz. Good for a chuckle. Picked u a couple interesting garments for Studio 318 as well.

Then home, and collapse. After nap I completed the dust retouching (on the backdrop, not the film, one of the advantages of digital) on the studio work from 4/11. Nearly ready to call that done, at least the prelim post-production. Then there will be the selecting specific images to work up in greater detail.


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May. 11th, 2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
Wasn't bad. Wanted to be longer. *G*
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