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That's a Wrap

Herself is home, all is well. Gave Houdini a bath today; if one listens to him he is still much offended by this. However, it involved much playing of Hose, one of the Border Collie Bros favourite games. Despite his put upon airs, he is still wagging his tail at me and probably will feel better in a day or so. Part of the reason for the bath, he apparently tastes better to fleas than his brothers.

Cleaned out his den, too, dumping the old straw of winter bedding and hosing out the accumulated dirt underneath it. Squrrl and Smudge will be next, though they as stated may not need the baths. Their dens are ready to clean out the winter bedding. We added the bedding moderately late (January-ish) so it's not totally nasty. It is, however, now well pressed down and as mentioned, lots of dirt added to it. I imagine they could start a garden in it if they wanted. Well maybe not quite that bad.

Starting to hear thunder to the north, so the evening storms are coming. Means it's time to head out and feed cows and horses, then the Bros. We shall be having taco salad ourselves. Cows and Horses will be having... the usual.
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