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Who Said Summer Doesn't Start 'Til Tomorrow?

It is bloody hot. Today we are expecting temperatures to hit 3 digits F. Which means hot. Before the heat index is figured in, counting the effects of humidity. Got up early partly because Mary Kitteh insisted on breakfast, and partly because I planned on getting outside to complete Ranch Rounds before it became unbearable.

Succeeded, mostly. Houdini and I wrapped it up with feeding the hogs around 09:30, after getting goats, horse, cows (in that order) and laying in more feed for goats and cows. The absolute last thing done before coming inside (at least by me; Houdini disappeared during this part to head over to Big House) was walk about Studio 318 to check on that old heat pump unit.

Seems it is pushing out some cool air. Not frigid cold, and to maintain the indoor temp at 80F/27C it pretty much runs non-stop once the sun is well up. But cool, and de-humidified. The latter is very significant, with old film (b&w, colour negatives, as well as colour transparencies) stored there. The unit's fan wasn't running, and I wanted to check the circuit breakers. They were not tripped, and the indoor temp is at that setting. So, simply not running yet. Maybe.

And maybe the unit just stopped running overnight. I'll be checking again later. Meanwhile, back at the Ranch (wait, that's here heheheheh) we did get an estimate for replacement. Couple of estimates now. And verified them with people we know whose business it is to do HVAC. Thanks, eh? RNs get asked similar questions all the time, not about heating and cooling but about health. Appreciate it.

It's a fair estimate. And, it's more than I particularly want to spend, to replace the H/AC on a 29 year old single-wide mobile home which is currently serving as a photography/art studio. We're exploring an alternative. We'll see. I'm also not eager to replace the structure yet, even with it being so old. If you are familiar with mobile homes, you'll recognise it's getting pretty old. If you are not; it's getting pretty old.

Houdini is stretched out behind my chair, enjoying the cool and the being with me. I'm enjoying his being with me too. It helps, with that Dark Place I mentioned. It isn't bad, to be alone. Not the same thing at all, to feel alone. I'm ... just moving through the aftereffects of something which happened a year and a month back. About right on schedule, based on previous experience.

This afternoon, besides checking the air movement in Studio, will be working on some photography projects. Tudor House is here; I'm prepping my shooting notes. Seven rooms to photograph, from various angles and distances. This is going to be fun. Plus images to work up for printing. Prints picked up this week, with two now being matted. That's another project, getting the matting tools up and running in Studio. Plenty to do. Not bored.

Just alone, except not, with Houdini's company.
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