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It Is Still Hot, and We Are Tired

Houdini is sacked out at my feet. This, despite that we got up and out to make Morning Rounds by 08:00 before the heat truly set in. Humidity still made the heat index feel about 10 degrees F hotter than the thermometer said. However, the Ranch is fed.

I've done some work on one of the current projects. Not much, and in the category of "Notes" though visual. I might post to Deviant Art as sketchbook. We'll see, not likely today anyway. Need to work on another bit of pieces shortly.

I attended a class this past week at Hospital on Setting Smart Goals. Smart in this case turns out to be an acronym for the process. I'm not sure I'm doing that yet, though.

Earlier in the week, after reading some things on-line about Robert Mitchum (the actor) I noticed the movie Farewell, My Lovely on the schedule for later in the week, so I set it up to record. Yesterday evening I watched it, with much curiosity. Philip Marlowe, Raymond Chandler, hard boiled detectives, film noir... well, maybe noir, as this one, made in 1975 is in colour. Found it enjoyable, and will return to it sometime again in future. Deleted the recording, though. If' I'm going to feel that strongly about it, I'll dig up the DVD.

In '75 I still had a year to go as a Federally Subsidised Tourist.

Other than that, the only thing I felt particularly remarkable about the film (it's entertaining, and being a fan of Mr. Mitchum, and film noir even in colour, and such) is the degree of nudity in one scene. Stipulate first of all, it's a period piece, set in 1941, before the U.S. entry to the War. In fact, there's one scene where Marlowe is talking to a friend, a newsstand owner. Comments about Hitler invading Russia. Later, in the scene in question Marlowe is searching through a brothel for the madam. As he opens doors to various bedrooms, he sees prostitutes in various stages of undress doing ... brothel kinds of things, nothing blatant, though. We are brought to understanding that there is sexual activity going on, in fact, by sound from one room rather than vision.

After finding and confronting the madam, that specific scene is finished up when another of the girls runs into the madam's office and tells her 'Johnnie is with' and yeah, I don't remember the young prostitutes name. Madam jumps up runs in and starts slapping the young prostitute about; there is a very brief flash of full-frontal nudity. Just before Johnnie (played by Sylvester Stallone, no less, in what is obviously one of his earliest bit parts) shoots the madam.

Who knows, maybe the name of the young prostitute is Frankie.
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