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Sunday Morning

Five Thirty AM. Cold nose in the ear. 'Boss. I really need to go out.'

Yesterday being Independence Day here in my neck of the woods in North Central Baja Jorja, one of my neighbors threw a party. They also did small fireworks, nothing bright and skyward and fancy. Enough though to cause a Border Collie who is afraid of thunder and gunfire to hike up anxiety levels. So Houdini got to spend time indoors. Calmed down fairly quickly once inside, even being able to hear the occasional kaboom. Stayed in overnight, woke me this morning.

His plan, I'm quite sure, included going outside and relieving himself, then going back inside. however, the Kittehs wanted breakfast and I wasn't awake enough to monitor dog behaviour to maintain Good Dog status. So he's waiting for me out by his den; we'll make rounds in a bit.

Today is a Laundry Day. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Just right now I am debating about more coffee.

Worked up a half dozen or so bits to take to my local printer, Flair Lab. They offer some nice prices on photograph business cards, meaning you provide the photographs and information, they'll work them up into business cards. Or, if you provide the files ready to go, they'll print them at a slightly lower rate (since the prep work is done). Business cards are like candy or gum. Give them away. Maybe, possibly, 10% of what you give away will result in something coming back to you. It's worth it. It's networking.

And that could be a Pic'oThe'Workday posting as well. These are the new business cards: Pick 3. Because I don't think I'll get all six designs printed. Not to mention I'm still contemplating designs.


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Jul. 5th, 2009 12:50 pm (UTC)
My love to Houdini; I'm glad you got off lightly with bangs in the sky. Speaking for myself, I don't know that I'll ever be able to enjoy them again after the experience of loving someone who comes undone when they happen.
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