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It Is Sun Day, and It Is Foggy

Haven't wandered outside just yet. Slept, oh, just OK. Got a crick in my upper back, primarily on the left side and around the scapula. Argh.

Saturday's progress, light feed run, clean some feed barrels much in need while that was in progress, and do a census of bovines. We now see three calves, with the newest one calved on Friday. Probably two more to go, not for another month or a bit less.

Inside work during the heat of the day comprised photographic cataloging and backup on my part, cataloging and initial post-production on Herself's part. She's really looking forward to the upcoming print competition/shows for the NCFPC meetings. I smile! It is good. For that matter, so am I. And while we did not, indeed, hie ourselves down the road an hour before sunup to photograph butterflies and moths, she's found a good sampling of things to photograph in close-up (which is and has been a passion of hers longer than I've known her) right here on Teh Ranch. Moths, mushrooms, and spiders. In their webs, though, and only in their webs. Because that's where spiders belong. Spiders which find their way inside the Big House are to be escorted out (or executed) by myself.

Cataloging is boring. Necessary, but boring. Revising backups, on the other hand, while also boring does provide opportunity to look for excessive redundancy. It is not excessive to have duplicate backups on separate storage media and in separate places. It is excessive to have duplicates on the same storage media. That is a waste of space.

Today, a bit more of the same. We may try to walk over and eyeball the new calf, excepting that our cows are not tame pets. And while domesticated cows may not be terribly bright, mothers of any species which looks after their young are not to be trifled with. Particularly if they are significantly larger in any means than oneself. Laundry in place of feed runs, but feeding the stock is always on the agenda. More cataloging, or actual production/post production work. I need to make some reflectors for use in Studio, to get in close to things. Sort of variations on a ring-light strobe flash.
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