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Interesting News of Local Import

Been at a day-long thing today. Can't really call it a meeting. Several different presentations all short. It's called Leadership Conference for the Nursing Dept. leaders/managers. I qualify now. Scary thought, that.

Now, one of the most interesting bits that was announced is ... smoke. Hospital is a major teaching hospital, affiliated (not part of) a major university and the medical sciences center of that university. Hospital is building a new structure (we open, in fact, in 100 days) across the Road from current structure. Pertinent to the discussion, at least a wee bit, is that new South Tower is on property owned by Hospital Parent Group. The old structure (North Tower) is on property owned by University. In fact, the original structure (it's been expanded, significantly expanded, over time and much of this during my tenure here) was once owned by University.

Hospital Parent Group already restricts certain aspects of Internet access. Specifically, such things as would not appear congruent with a facility dedicated to health, healing, trauma and cancer care, etc. So I can not, for example, go web surfing to the sites of either firearm manufacturers or sellers. I can surf to sights which provide information about firearms such as ballistics, calibre, tissue damage from bullets, and such. That latter is, after all, part of treating trauma.

Inside of Hospital, and even inside of the University Health Science Center has been 'smoke free' for a decade or so now. You want to smoke? You go outside to designated smoking areas. Inpatient, outpatient, visitor, employee, you go outside to the designated smoking areas. Part of the reason the limits extended only to the doors is University did not commit (other than here at the Health Science Center) to smoke-free.

As of Day One Opening of the new South Tower, Hospital (BOTH buildings), University Health Science Center, and the campus grounds around them will be tobacco-free.

You want to smoke or chew? Head a half-mile (more, actually) up the road.

Oh, there will be means and interventions for those patients who need; these will not include smoking or chewing or snuff.

Apparently, University will be promoting a tobacco-free campus elsewhere by a specified date next year. We here at the Health Care Places will start earlier.

About. Damn. Time.

And now, I go home.
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