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News, Bad News, Good News

News first: You should be able to tell the 'format' of this brief nattering from the title, and none of it is disasterous. No one is in the hospital or morgue. Nothing repossessed nor stolen.

Bad News: I went over yesterday to the back deck/porch enclosed area of Studio 318 to clean up behind the washer/dryer there. The washer stopped functioning a handful and a bit of months ago, and we got some information to help trouble-shoot before calling in a repair person or replacing the machine. However, needed to clear out cobwebs and such to get around the entire object. Started that up, and thinking it seems a bit dark in there went to turn on the light.

Now wait a moment said I to Myself, that light was on seems like just the other night.
Myself says, why yes it was. Did the bulb burn out?

Bulb didn't look burned out. Flipped the switch and light didn't come one. Looked at the socket, as it is a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) since it's outdoors, essentially. Socket breaker is tripped. Ah. Not good, but we've had some fairly noticeable electrical storms recently. Unplugged the freezer to get at the breaker, reset it, hmm the little light is flickering. Plugged the freezer back in. Freezer starts up. Light is on. I go back to vacuuming out cobwebs.

Light goes off.

Hmm, said I to Myself, that's not good.

This time I checked the freezer. Things inside are cold, refrigerator cold, but thawed out. So I called Herself to come by, and we tried an alternate socket (with short extension cord, even though freezers don't like them much long term). And the freezer plugged in, and that GFCI circuit (in the kitchen) tripped. Which means, the freezer has a problem. Now, so does the outdoors GFCI socket, it needs replacement. Freezer needs either service or replacement.

Good News: We didn't lose much from the freezer. Yes, things were thawed. As mentioned, still refrigerator cold, one of the reasons we prefer chest style top-load door freezers. They hold their cold better than front-load door freezers. We did opt to dispose of a few things, knowing they'd been prepared for public consumption at SCA gatherings and were left-overs. And chicken. So we opted not to test whether or not they were still cold enough not to be harbouring anything. Most of the rest went into the other, larger freezer on the back porch/deck into space available. There are still four or five hides in the dead freezer, saved for projects for some friends and associates in SCA. Those are under additional ice as of yesterday afternoon.

Herself called around to see if she could find someone to come over and service the unit, even diagnostics to let us know if it is absolutely time to replace, or only needs fixing. It being a Saturday... not so much. Today she's going to tell me if we're heading into town to purchase a 'replacement' or waiting to find out about a service call.

And I replaced the old and flickering GFCI socket.

In other news, then finished up clearing out behind the washer, and under the washer/dryer. Did start the troubleshooting, and verified one aspect of why it wasn't working. The safety-switch on the lid, which prevents it spinning if the lid is open, is broken loose and so will not 'set' when the lid closes. Tried to lift the top so as to get at that switch and discovered it is not spring clips holding the top on, it is a hex-head screw. Which I do not have the tools to get at and remove. So this one is a definite wait for a service call to get repaired.

Good news on that is once the machine is repaired (and looks to be a fairly simple repair, if one has the tools) then I can do laundry while working in Studio 318 rather than running into town and the laundromat. Or likewise for Herself. Bad news is, it's a service call. We are dependent on their time, and of course the expense. However, money is budgeted for that.

In yet other news, three calves. Two heifers, one bull calf. The good news is they are there, even though the young bull calf ... well, frankly, he's got a few kangaroos loose in his north paddock. Stands about staring at tree trunks, or the grass at his feet. Sometimes he stares at the water in the water trough, or at the float valve when it starts refilling. Doesn't keep up with the herd when they move along grazing. In animal husbandry, it's figured there will be a certain amount of back-breeding and that up to two generations of that is likely without reinforcing bad genetics. We think this little fellow is right at that limit.

Bad news here is that another cow calved, we never, ever saw her calf, and it is now two weeks since calving. She's drying up, so we think her calf did not survive. More of that same, probably, only with an even stronger reinforcement of a problem combination. And likely, with such a slow start, Coyote got the calf because we've not even found remnants. At all.
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