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Photos mounted for Tuesday and the NCFPC meeting and print competition. I'm going in with no expectations on my own work; I think Herself is going to knock some socks off with at least 2 photos.

Also done, some practice on old, old pieces of mat board, cutting and making mats. I mean, old. Nasty. Good for practice. These are some of the boards we inherited from Mother Mary. Most of them went into the shelf-storage I built for them. Some, however, I deemed not even worth storing there; stashed them behind a bookcase because all they are good for is practice.

Not done, laundry. On the other hand, there are clean clothes to wear tomorrow, and a functioning washer/dryer here on teh Ranch! Yea!

Time now for evening rounds. Houdini will want to come inside again. If he still carries the olfactory camouflage he found on noon rounds... not likely to be happening. Until there is bath. Which might happen this evening. Or not.
Tags: life the universe and everything, photography

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