madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Hippie Birdbaths!

All day, I've been looking at my reminders and thinking something. I've been thinking, with recent history being example I'm likely not going to be on-line tomorrow and I need to do a Hippie Birdbaths for someone so I'm not late.

Then I looked at the calendar (after working all day- not an earth-ending day, not a great one either), and ...

D'oh! < / HomerSimpson Moment >

It's TODAY! It's mcpenguin Day, about as far Down Under as you can get, even further Down Under than all my friends who live Down Under in either Oz or NZ.

Hippie Birdbaths! I'm not late!

::does the Hippie Birdbaths dance in a (non existent) snowbank::
Tags: hippie birdbaths

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