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What a Day for a Daydream

Weekend update, as usual I skipped hitting the Intarwebz on Saturday. My intent in the morning (when I made some time for quiet PC whatever) had been to work on either book keeping or photographs. Neither ensued; did something else entirely yet remained off-line. Then the virus scan kicked in and I let the beast go undisturbed.

Bits of more clean up around the house and grounds, done. Lots more to go. Dead branches need to be removed, most cut down, potentially used as firewood and definitely they are potential firewood where they are at, putting house and other structures at higher risk. Need to get that done, not overnight, a bit at a time.

Fencing: need to check the fenceline in the trees along the east side. I know cows are crossing it now. I’ve seen them do so. This is annoying as hell and potentially a problem, even with some fencing up there for the neighbors horses. Plus, those neighbors probably don’t want our cows eating what vegetation is left there.

Photo work: I need to call Ships That Pass done. Move on to other images that I want for Necronomicon, and get them ready to print. Printing deadline is fast approaching.

Well, no fence work done. We got intermittent rain yesterday, so mostly we worked indoors. More housecleaning. I made two runs to the dump, both mixed recycling and trash. Before that, after feeding, Herself did make a feed run and just as she arrived from the feed store customers showed up. We sold two goats just before unloading the feed.

In one way, too bad about the goats. They were both bottle-babies, had been part of the Bucket’o’Nipples crew in fact. On the other hand, they’d not been marked as NFS. Herself hoped they might go to someone looking for a breeder goat. This didn’t stop her from taking the money.

Right. First run, longer than usual because I swung by to put some petrol in the truck. Not sure how accurate the gas gauge is these days, and it was showing less than 1/8 tank. So I put in ten dollars worth being just around three gallons. Did the specific amount ($10) because I’d left my debit cards home. Then took two malfunctioning microwaves and feed bags to the dump. The microwaves go into the White Building where trash goes, since they had electrical cords still attached (who knows; maybe they’ll see about recycling them). The feed bags to the recycling building. Somewhat personally disgruntled about those microwaves. I think they may of been repairable. Even with how bad the economy is, though, the repair places we contacted asked about the models, the problems, and then told us we would still be better off replacing rather than repairing.

Home again, a bit of chat, then the decision to load up as much trash and recycling as are (now were) on hand to constitute a full load. So only the cans that were full. This made four cans. One, without wheels because they fell off and I am unable to get them back on (bottom of can too deformed), simply tossed onto the pile of garbage. Also four bags of plastic recycling (one of Styrofoam peanuts, which may or may not be recyclable) and four (bundled) cardboard boxes.
Houdini rode with me for this run. He enjoyed himself. Did miss one turn because he was nudging me. No worries.

Then more clean up. Working up on the second bathroom, cleaning the sink, vacuuming (hoovering... I like that term) the floor, counter, and cobwebs from the ceiling. Floor needs a washing too. Plus, probably need to find another place to store/use the sewing machine. It’s my old treadle-powered Singer. Madame Queen Mary Kitteh is not amused that Herself's office is being so terribly disrupted.

Plus, eventually, I think I need to re-seat that toilet with a replacement wax plug. Long story that, involving Herself removing the toilet to try and trouble-shoot a draining problem and replacing, without a new plug...

Oh, and Madame Queen Mary Kitteh is quite disgruntled because her Royal Chambers have been TOTALLY Disrupted. TOTally. Disrupted. She refused to eat her breakfast in there this morning. Told me 'I can't EAT under these CONDITIONS.'

Houdini, on the other hand, is quite content and enjoying this new Indoor Dog gig. Oh, and my sister and brother-in-law are due in this week, Tuesday most probably.
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