madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Weekend Starts

Weekend starts today, though what with time off of Hospital and visiting family one could claim it started Wednesday. However, those were days which will be out of my paid time off bank; today is not.

Today is the day Visitors will pull out and head on up the road to their next destination. We shall be sad to see them go. We shall resume our usual routines.

Yesterday we wandered up to Newberry and the Dudley Farm State Park. Dudley settled in the area pre-Civil War. They established quite a farm hold, at the largest extent 640 acres / 259 hectare which if I recall is One Section and One Square Mile. A big place, and a major going concern in the area for a long time. All the park personnel dress in clothing appropriate to the times, and the place demonstrates live on a North Central Baja Jorja farm for the time period. Many of the people here are volunteers, Herself is interested as she could easily provide them with help on at least two counts, one being the making of soap and another of candles. Though that one, she does things a bit earlier they they are.

Houdini and I will be heading out in a bit to get the Morning Rounds out of the way, a bit earlier than weekends usually. All good, though. Should help to make me available for part of the 'breaking out' the RV if it is more involved than expected. Could be, just a little, because this RV has a air-supported suspension, which is not fully aired-up following a three-day parking. Once the train is ready to go, we're heading out for brunch, after which Sister and Bro-in-Law will hit the road from there.

And we will resume our normal broadcasting.
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