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Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

Will be heading out comparatively very early this morning for Ranch Rounds, though won't be stopping to feed critters first. There are a couple spots on the fence line along the road needing attention, particularly since we know young Isaac Bull knows how to cross fence lines when they're low. I do not need to deal with a bovine on the road.

There are other plans for Isaac, though, so I also am not ready to retire him. I am, however, becoming a bit done with Southern Local Time for putting those other plans into effect.

In other news, it felt extremely quite here on the Ranch yesterday when we got home from breakfast. Sis & Bro-in-Law and CJ Lhasa Apso headed on up the road right after breakfast, a nice way to do that. And despite the fact we as a group weren't holding a rock concert, we did stay busy doing things or visiting here about the Ranch. So with them gone, a definitely lack felt.

Until, that is, about 12:30 after noon when the windows on teh Big House started rattling. Seems the younger gents across the road gathered for a Car Fest (might of been detailing their wheels) and they entertained the neighborhood with their super bass-line boomer car stereo systems. To give you an idea what I'm talking about, they were located about an eighth-mile or so from House.

On evening rounds, Houdini found a marvelous source of olfactory camouflage and joined me at Cow Feeding Station wearing it from shoulders to hips. It being evening rounds, he spent the night outside yesterday. I foresee a Hose game in his future today, one including shampoo.

Still sorting photos in post-production here.
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