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Sunday Morning

Meanderings of the mind, a fairly common thing to do on this particular day of the week morning.

Yesterday's photo session did not happen, due to issues beyond our control. Not the weather, that would of been prefect for the plan. Not to complain, either, as when one is determined to make something happen, it shall happen. If not yesterday, another. If not that location, a different one. All good.

I spend time talking to myself; all of us do, really, perhaps I merely admit it easier than others. One of the things I talked about is the purchase of a recording device, as sometimes my conversations relate to various art projects either visual or written, and sometimes I do not remember the details. Related to recording devices is the topic of MP3 players, as I know that some allow for recording as well as playback of pre-recorded files.

Couple this with another bit and I find myself both laughing at myself, and wondering at my frequent ability to disallow the spending of money. I've been hauling laptop out to the Library room of teh Big House, to work on photos or writing or some such while being in the same room with Herself and other members of the household feline and canine. I use a small board which has some 2x2 pieces attached to one side. Original incarnation, this supported a CRT monitor. Current incarnation, oriented the opposite manner for supporting monitors it supports Laptop off my lap and allows better air flow through the cooling ducts. There are more comfortable portable lap desks out there. I've not purchased any.

Tag on another bit; I like my iShuffle iPod and in no little means why is that it came to me through attending AORN Congress one year. However, there are limitations; Apple upgraded the iShuffle itself to allow for more storage, though I don't particularly think of that in the limitation list. There is only one playlist available, either played straight through as assembled or shuffled. Easy enough to change the playlist, simply synch the device. Except... certain songs even though un-selected in the iTunes application are still coming through. And I get an error message while doing the synchronisation. Perhaps simply restoring the device to defaults will correct that. Perhaps it is getting old enough that these are signs of electronic device old age. Since it will not work as a portable recording device... why am I not replacing it? Because I get very stubborn about not spending money at times.

Houdini rode very well yesterday on an important evening errand. We ordered pizza from a 'local' place we use a lot. Herself spent a major portion of the day helping her Shire prepare the horse arena for an upcoming annual event (more on this momentarily), and could of stopped on the way home to pick up the pizza. I forgot to hand her the cash for it before she left. So I took Houdini as a test. You see (or perhaps you don't), all of the dogs who've ever lived at Teh Ranch love 'pizza bones'. This is our term for the edge crust, with bits of cheesy goodness lingering. And Houdini rode with me to Hunt the Pizza. This held potential for dinner disaster.

However, the plan we worked out served well. Houdini did not devour the Pizza Beast on the way home, and did enjoy a bounty of pizza bones. What a Good Dog.

I suppose I should get mobile.
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