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So Far

And yet not far enough...

I'm tired. Not sure why, been getting sleep. Still, often am tired the day after staffing; it's a different kind of work. Then there's the 'catch-up' with everything that came in during the eight hours I worked, that I wasn't working at my normal position requirements.


Lots of ideas flitting through my mind. Been contemplating purchasing a recorder again. Thinking, speak those thoughts to the recorder, dictate them. Provides a fighting chance to actually remember and transcribe them as contemplated. I remember the general subjects, not, recently, all of the specific details which seemed the right flow. Thing is, these aren't necessarily ideas for images, nor for writing; meditations about what's happening around me, and the potential changes coming up.

Example, spinning off from that. The age, 30, carries this ... emotional energy or impact, I suppose. People (not all, some) see turning 30 as some major milestone. In my own life, it wasn't, nor was 40 or 50. There is a - an 'age' 30 coming up though which definitely will be a major milestone. Something will change then, some things will change, perhaps only a few, perhaps more than a few. Even if only a few things, I feel fairly significantly they will be major.

Not moving anywhere that I know of, overall. Likely moving somewhere, short distance, only in part. Mysterious? Yes. And not.

Probably, mostly, just tired meanderings.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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