madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Hippie Birdbaths!

It is an Artistic Hippie Birdbaths! Many Painting Returns, haikujaguar! I know several of my readers are followers of your adventures. For those who aren't? Srsly, go check her out. *G*

Since you asked for a gift, I shall provide it here.

My first (non) introductions happened through one of the monkeys on my back; I read, therefor I am. I'd wander through various friends places (at that point in time, the LJ reading list included mostly people I know face-to-face, who'd introduced me to the LJ Space), and noticed a couple of them both linked to a haikujaguar. Hmm, said I to myself, a Big Cat that writes haiku?

As it turns out, I missed that stage of your explorations. Not many, if any haiku appeared in your space when I'd wander through, usually through fatfred's place. Meditations and meanderings on sketching, painting, and the other writing, yes. Thus did time proceed for a bit, me following a path which started here wandering through a mutual acquaintances place to yours.

One of those wanderings by purest happenstance came through the gate to your yard early, early on in the Spots the Space Marine saga. Wherein I also read a call for advice and feedback to help with the reality of it all. Other Worlds, being either Space or Scenic Southeast Asia, there is that in my history which provided a bit of the requested insights, and I do so love to natter on anyway...

Which led to other exchanges, commentary on other art (both yours and mine), discussions on the discipline of simply doing the work which many people don't see, don't know about, usually only seeing the Finished Product. And it seemed like the thing to do, to shorten up the path just a wee bit.

And here we are.

Feliz cumpleaños, eh.
Tags: hippie birdbaths

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